Monday, 17 June 2013

Starting A Herb Garden

In one of my previous posts
I mentioned that I really wanted to grow my own little herb garden so that we could use fresh herbs with our cooking.
Well, we now have the beginnings of our herb garden!
It's not a great variation of herbs for us to use, but it's a start and it was so much fun to put together.

A little trip to our local garden centre, Englefield Garden Centre and we're ready to get planting!
We had a lovely little patch of bricked earth in our garden that was just full of weeds and stones, so we cleared everything out, tidied it up and filled it with a lovely big bag of compost to feed our new herbs.
(making sure not to slice up any worms while we're digging!)
We did have to use our imaginations a bit when we realised that we didn't actually have any gardening tools.
But as it happens, we had some kitchen utensils that we were going to throw out and they worked just perfectly!
I do wonder what the neighbours might have thought when they heard me ask Lewis if I could borrow the spatula though...
And seeing as we were raiding the kitchen for useful things to help with our new garden, I found a use for one of our old saucepans too.
My new pot of lavender looks quite lovely in this shiny saucepan. I am debating whether to keep the handle on it though, hmm, and what to plant in the other 3 saucepans?
So, now we have a lovely plot of Basil, Rosemary and Parsley and a saucepan full of lavender.
I also found some lovely slate markers in my local flower shop which look just perfect next to our new baby herbs.
And I thought I'd brighten up our little garden space with this beauty
I can't remember it's name, but isn't it gorgeous! I'm hoping this will climb all over the place and spread little, yellow pom poms all over our garden.
All done!
I hammered a few nails into the fence to keep our new garden tools to hand, and a great thing is, they'll never rust and they will always be reachable when there's a weeding emergency.
And of course no garden is complete without a garden gnome...
... or a Playmobil man riding a giant snail.
I can't wait to get some more herbs to fill our little patch up and some pretty little plants to spread around the garden. Fingers crossed that they will grow like crazy and we'll have lots of lovely, fresh herbs to use with our roast dinners.


  1. Looks fabulous! I have herbs all over outside and it makes me so happy to just pick some as I cook! Best of luck!

  2. You'd love Alliums Bex... They're part of the onion family but have tall stems with purple pom poms at the end. They don't need attention, come up every year, you can cut and dry the stems for house decorations and bees love them! (Must encourage bees) Steph xxx

    1. Thanks Steph!
      I've seen those flowers in other people's gardens and wondered what they were!
      I might have to treat my little garden to some.
      And I totally agree, we must encourage bees! :)

  3. Good God, you have some amazing recycling ideas! Utensils as gardening tools.. NEVER would have thought of that and the saucepan is such a great idea, because the shininess will a) attract magpies, which is always a plus - bloody love magpies and b) will scare away cats from pooing in your plants. I remember my Grandad used to fill bottles of water and lay them in the grass. It's something to do with the reflection it creates. Genius!

    Sophie x xx

    1. Thanks Soph! :)
      We do get a lot of magpies in our garden, and no cats! Lol! It must be working!
      I didn't know about cats and shiny things though! I love the bottles of water idea! You could make it really pretty with little bottle dug half into the ground, or different coloured bottles :)I bet it looks quite magical when the sun's shining.


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