Tuesday, 4 June 2013

An Interview

I have been interviewed by the lovely Cris over at
She's such a lovely lady, and the interview was full of lots of interesting questions
that got me thinking.

~  "What keeps you motivated"  ~

was a great question! Especially at the moment, with getting used to being pregnant and looking forward to being a parent, at the same time as moving house and trying to push my own little Emporium along. It's great sometimes to be reminded, even by yourself, of how you normally keep on top of things!
I've been working on my new working space in our spare room since we've moved.
It's taking a while now that I seem to get out of breath from simply moving a box around, but it is sparking my little imagination and really making me want to dive in completely and leave the 'normal' world outside the door!
It's still very much in the developing stages, and I'm not even close to making it my place yet,
but I'm starting to really love it!
So, from the very embarrassing this:
To the much more inspiring this:

It's still not there yet, you might have noticed the not-so-organised stacking of books on the shelf to the left!
But it's a lovely light, little work space and it's all mine until the little newbie is born!

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