Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Pheeple Brooches

They're coming back...
mostly in the form of wall art pieces, but now in easy to wear brooches too!

The Pheeples are always there, nagging at me to launch them into the world, and I keep telling them that they're technically not allowed out there to reek havoc as they are.
But they've sussed a loophole...
And in fact, this works out much better for them anyway.
They're fascinated with humans and what we get up to, so what better way to stalk our day to day lives than by sitting on our jacket or bag and constantly watching us on our adventures?!

The little Pheeple brooches are also available in simple face designs too

And I have a feeling the Zombie Pheeple brooches might be multiplying quite quickly!

They're sure that you'll love them to bits
(no matter how many times I've told them otherwise!)
So keep your eyes peeled, and try not to let them near any jammy dodgers...
you'll regret it!
Have a lovely day folks!


  1. oh my gosh theyre so perfectly cute!

  2. Ahhh, I love these!! I really want a zombie brooch for Halloween!!

    Sophie x xx

    1. hehe, I should have a whole mob made up by the time Halloween comes around! :D
      Felt Zombie invasion anyone? :D xx


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