Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back From Scotland

Hello lovely people!
I sneaked away, but I'm back now.
A lovely week away in Scotland has left me with such a buzz.
If you've never been, you definitely should!
Me and Lewis  popped up to spend time with some friends and family, and it was just so lovely!

Admittedly, we did shoot ourselves in the foot a bit with travel. Travel is never easy if you're going from one end of the country to the other, but when you've left it too late to be able to afford a flight or a train fare and the only other option is to travel by coach... it's just no fun at all!
Especially when you're tummy's the size of a football!
My advice to all pregnant ladies out there thinking of travelling far, the most important things that you will want will be:
~ Leg room!
I've never been so frustrated with the seat in front of me before! Make sure you wriggle your little feet around whenever you can, especially if getting up for a walk on a wobbly, moving coach isn't much of a great idea. (The coach did stop once for a 20 min break, so that is the perfect time to go for a good walk and stretch those muscles).
~ Food and drink.
Make sure you have enough water to keep you going throughout the whole journey. It can get quite warm, and keeping hydrated is so important. Especially when you know you can't stop as and when you please. A good picnic stash is great too. We had sandwiches, dried fruit, sausage rolls and a few sneaky chocolate bars. Well you've got to cover all your craving needs ;)
~ Temperature.
I found that I went from hot to cold quite easily, so wearing layers that you can easily take off and put on is definitely a plus! They do have those little air vents above the seats too - take advantage of these!
and of course
A must, and they do have them. They're not great, take a little bottle of antibacterial gel with you, but they are there.
Just incase any of you out there are as nuts as us, and think that travelling on a coach for 9-12 hours is going to be ok!
And then of course, when you get to your lovely destination, make sure you've got somewhere to crash out
(Can you spot the oober cute baby, tartan booties?)
We had such a lovely time.
Our friend showed us an AMAZING coffee shop.
I would move to Edinburgh just so that I could go to this shop every day!

Their cakes were wonderful.
I chose a Bramble and Lime cake, and I practically melted into the squidgy sofa as I ate it!
Check out their delicious cake menu.

And the coffee was delicious, let alone the mugs they came in!
I even fell in love with the ceiling

The whole café had a wonderful 'mish-mash' feel about it. Odd furniture and cups and saucers that didn't match. They even had an old piano which they used as a table!
So, I admit, I'm a little in love with this place and will be back!

Even Jemima loved it!
(Our friend's traveling companion! She comes to all of our little meet ups!)


We didn't spend the whole week eating cake and drinking coffee though... however much I would've liked to!
We took Jemima for a swim.

Found a pub that had Battle Ship and Scrabble!

And got stalked by a squirrel!
Evil Squirrel!
What an adventure!
But far too quickly, it was all over and we had to come home again.
...on the coach!
(We sneakily found some seats with loads of leg room this time! Handy tip for any of you coach travellers out there - find the seats by the emergency exit near the back!)
Can we go back please?
I hope you've all had a lovely week too. And if you're ever stuck for a little holiday somewhere, I would definitely recommend Edinburgh! It's a wonderful combination of city-crafty/artyness.
And it's on our list as the first mini holiday we'll take little bump on!

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