Monday, 5 August 2013

Post Bump Bodies

Pottering away through my pregnancy, I'm learning lots. I think it's impossible not to, but I do think it's important to take note and pay attention to all of the little things happening.
My body is changing.
It's lovely and terrifying.
Sometimes I wonder if some things are normal and if all other pregnant ladies are going through the same things.
But as they say:
'All pregnancies are different'
The changes that my body is making and going through is its own little way of dealing with the growth of a little life inside me.
I trust my body to do what it needs to, to get this little life safely into my arms.
But there is something that I wanted to mention that I have only recently become aware of myself
~ The Post Bump Body ~
It might turn out that you all know about it, and I've just been skipping along with my head in the sand... but I came across an article on the BBC website about the body after pregnancy.
I know that you would have to do a bit of exercise to get your 'normal' body shape back, but reading this article really opened up all of the changes that will stay after you've had a baby.
I'm not the most body conscious person in the world.
I've never been slim, I like chocolate biscuits way too much, I haven't found a sport that I enjoy doing except walking, and I have all those random bumps and moles that I secretly hope every other lady has.
But still, this inevitable body scaring was at first, very scary.
I didn't realise that excess skin that you wouldn't be able to shift would become a permanent part of my body. I didn't realise that the stretch marks could be so dark and large (I have small ones on my thighs from growing hips, but they've turned a beautiful silver/white colour now).
So, it appears that after I get my little bundle of joy, I will have a new body to get used to as well.
At first - scary
It's out of my control
But then, after reading through this article a couple of times, dipping in and out to re-read some things, visiting Jade Beall's website, and talking to a friend who has recently had a baby, I've started to feel my opinion towards it changing.
'Tiger Stripes' is what she calls her stretch marks now.
It makes me smile and hope that mine remind me of a shape or animal to nick name them by.
They're like a natural tattoo.
A souvenir of a whole 9 months creating life, and bringing life into the world.
After all, a human body having to deal with a whole new way of growing and ballooning so much to fit a baby inside it, and then giving birth to that baby and releasing it into the world, all within the space of 9 months, less than a year!
I don't blame it for having a few scars afterwards.

I've got 3 months(ish) to go and my body's already feeling quite huge.
3 more months of growing, how much bigger can I get?!
I wouldn't be surprised if my body did have a couple of scars after the big day! I think I could owe it a few marks and scars for bringing a little life into the world.
You're doing good body, you keep going!
I would be so honoured if any of you out there have any advice on a post bump body. I have a feeling it must be one of those things that you can only really understand through experience.
I'm glad that I now know about it at least and it won't be a surprise afterwards, but I think that I won't truly understand it until it's reality.
I'll keep you posted!
I will certainly look into buying Jade Beall's book when I can. Not just for me, but for my other half, and for my future child. It's important to not cover these things up I think.
'Normal' shouldn't be secret.
Please visit Jade's website
Her work is stunning!
And I would like to write a great big thank you for making accessible something that I didn't even truly think existed!
Thank you!



  1. It's true you have some things that remain like the stretch marks or a tiny belly BUT BUT it's so cool. You will be surprised how COOl you will feel about those things. Plus if you really get into exercise and you REALLY need to wear a bikini with a little hard work it will all disappear. After a year it all shrinks so so much you won't even notice. I was worried about those things too. Glad to visit your blog! Can't wait to see baby :)

    1. :) Thank you so much for your comment. It's easy to get wrapped up in the 'horror stories' that seem to be more important to publish than the nicer ones. It's lovely to hear from someone who has a positive story to tell. I can't imagine I'll be able to sit around and be lazy when I have my little baby, hehe, I'm sure he/she'll keep me on my toes! Thanks for the reassurance. And no matter how my body turns out afterwards, I'll have made a little life and that's SO much more important! x

  2. Your body is doing something really amazing- you are growing a human! Try to think of the changes as a sign of what an awesome thing you are doing. My kids are getting pretty grown up now and I,m a bit scared of my body slowing down and changing shape in New ways, but I look at my friends and we are all in the same boat! I,'VE always wanted nicely toned arm muscles, but the other we day my 12year old said "Mum, your arms are really comfy to lean on!" That,s got to count for something, right?

    1. Arw, that's lovely :) I would much rather have a body that was comfy and nice to be around than 'perfect'.
      I am warming to the idea of having a new look after I give birth. It's lovely to hear all of your replies and reassurances that it's not as scary as the media and negative stories can make it out to be. x


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