Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wild Lime

I've never done a review before... not really, but a couple of days ago, me and my sister decided to meet up for dinner, and a new bar/restaurant had opened in our local town, Reading, so we thought we'd pop along to try it out!
I thought I'd share our little experience with you!
We weren't after much,
just a small, healthy-ish dinner in a relaxing place, and if I'm honest, this place ticked all the boxes!
It was their opening night, so naturally they'd be friendly, but the lovely lady that welcomed us in seemed genuinely kind and lovely, and interested in us having a good time.
(You know, sometimes people can put on 'that' smile and talk 'that' talk? There didn't seem to be any of that there. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to help)
The menu looked delicious!
I would advise a little gander if you're planning going out for something to eat.
The burgers looked great. The platters, the pizzas, even the side dishes got me a little excited - Mini Macaroni Cheese - Oh yes!
And to any pregnant ladies out there, you know how tricky it is eating out and about. Everything seems to have something in it that you can't have!
But this menu surprised me with how many options I had.
I could actually choose from most of the dishes there!
*happy face*
We both decided on an interestingly named
 'Upside-Down Chicken Barbie'
Lime chicken with a lovely selection of salady bits and dressing, and best of all...
it came in a jug!
The waitress asked if we'd like our salad dressing put on
(of course!)
and she poured it into the jug with the salad and then turned it upside-down onto the plate!
Just like tipping a sandcastle out of a bucket.
I know, the simple things amuse me, but this was awesome!
We ordered a side of Rosemary and Parmesan chips and a Ginger Beer for my sister and a Chocolate Milkshake for myself (which came with a sneaky, teeny Daim bar treat!)

Everything was delicious, and reasonably priced, the staff were lovely and the décor had a really refreshing feeling about it.
I'm definitely popping back there the next time I'm in Reading with the munchies.
Their Brunch menu has captured me a little... so many things that I want to try! They have toast that comes with peanut butter and jam - this is definitely MY kind of place.
And I just know that Lewis will want to try the burgers.
And we didn't even get to try the puddings!!

In my opinion, I'd definitely recommend this place for a fun, relaxing and refreshing place to get something to eat.
Have you been to a Wild Lime bar?
I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Sounds lovely and those chips are making me hungry!

    1. It really was! And the chips were delicious!
      My other half wants to go now... fine by me! :D hehe


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