Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shop Of The Week and A Freebie

The shop of the week this week is....
(drum roll)


by my ever so lovely Sophie.

Honestly, she really is the loveliest!
AND she's even mentioned my little mushroom rings in her Craft Britannia interview!
(Thank you soooo much hun!)

Now, if you don't already have a quirky little piece of jewellery from Onetenzeroseven, then you need to pop over to her shop right now!
I am the proud owner of several pairs of earrings, a doggy brooch and a necklace
 and I've secretly got my eye on this gorgeous necklace!

How quirky is that design!!
If you want jewellery that really stands out and will always make you smile when you catch yourself wearing it, go here.

And to get to know the wonderful lady behind the shop,
have a read of her blog

(a little photo of me showing off my gooorgeous Bird Song earrings!
I'm afraid I don't wear my earrings in normal pairs)

Ahhh, so is everyone enjoying the sun this week?
It's glorious out there!

I got my 2nd Graze Box today :)
I've been munching on a little fruit mix tub, crackers and chutney, cheesy crackers with nuts and a hot cross bun fruit and nut mix!



They've also been so lovely as to give me a little code so that all of my lovely friends can get their very own FREE box of yumminess!


Go ahead, go and grab yourself some healthy yumminess you lovely people you!



  1. Ahhh, thanks so much my dear :D You're so sweet!

    Look at those guys, they look so cute dangling together in the same ear!!

    Yummy Graze boxes... I've just eaten dried apple dipped in toffee sauce, tasty and delicious!

    Sophie x xx

  2. Great post. I have some lovely items from Sophies shop and reckon more will wing there way somehow to me. oops. I used to love graze boxes (not at the moment), but as I am already on their system dont think i can take advantage of the freebie. Sad face.

  3. It is wonderful to see that Sophie from onetenzeroseven is the shop of the week. :) I have some wonderful earrings from her and I think her shop is delightful. Thank you for tempting us to Graze Boxes. I keep meaning to sign up and your free coupon has given me the chance to do it now. Lots of love - Ana xx (ChanelledCreations)

  4. great feature and choices :) I now have a strange urge to find a snack.... ;)

  5. Lovely feature about a lovely shop! And those graze boxes look scrumptious!

  6. Great post and choices from a lovely shop

  7. Just to let you know my free graze came in the post, the one I used with your free coupon and it was great! very snackable


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