Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bring Your Mouse To Work Day!

inspired by a lovely lady on my facebook, I have decided that Tuesdays will now be
Bring Your Mouse To Work Day!


(Not real mice of course - unless they are very safe from harm)

Today I have a little friend who insisted on coming to work with me!

I think it's secretly because he knew that there was a Pheeple on my desk already. The little felty mice seem to be ever so slightly infatuated with the Pheeple.
I'm not sure why though.

So, every Tuesday, I am going to bring a little mousey into work with me and make a lovely post here to show off what they're up to.
And feel free to join in!
Send me pics of your little crafty mice at work with you, and then I'll put them all in a lovely post together so that they can say hi to each other.

Get your little crafty meeces ready for next Tuesday and we can have a mass mouse party!

(You can post pics of your mice on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccasEmporium
or to my email: bringyourmouse2work@hotmail.co.uk )

Yeey, I can't wait to see your little mice!



  1. Cuties! Love the idea of bring your mouse to work... sadly I don't have any mice or I would be onto it like a shot!

  2. Ahhhh what a fabbie idea...and your meece are just so cutesome :o)
    love jooles x


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