Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Fairs!

Arr, it's definitely that time of year isn't it?
There's Summer Fairs, garden parties and all sorts happening!
And the sun's come back to us now, so it's even more fun!


Me and Lewis went to a lovely Summer Show in Merrist Wood
It was full of so many things to do, and animals to see, and plenty of craft tents
Just my kinda place!

And guess who else had a stall there?

Joseph Lloyds

Mmmm, the food looked amazing!

And it was all free samples!!

Don't forget to check out their facebook page too, to keep up to date with new goings on!

Mmm, so after filling up on lots of yumminess, guess what Lewis then wanted to go and do?


... lol,


It was an awesome day though!
What Summer Fairs are you going to this year?


Oooo, p.s. Unfortunately I didn't get sent any photos of mice going to work on Tuesday, so I couldn't post a Bring Your Mouse To Work Day Tuesday. Fingers crossed more meeces will be up for adventures next week!




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  2. Wow free food samples? I would have pounced on that yummy looking cake and the scones :)

    I love craft fairs, but don't get chance to go to many local ones. Except this year, I'm having my own stall at a craft fair on 9th June! It's called Cheadle Crafted and is at Trinity church Cheadle, Stockport. I'll have to remember to take my camera and take some photos for my blog!

    Katie (my small world)


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