Sunday, 13 May 2012

A New Box For Me!

There is a new addition to my Emporium today,
In the form of a beautiful box

Me and Lewis went for a little trip to a few car boot sales this morning.
The first one was a bit... well, I think there must have been a total of 5 cars there.
But we carried on with our adventure to the next one and we found loads of gorgeous things!

The sun was beautiful today, and somehow Lewis read my mind and suggested going to some car boot sales.
 ( I have no idea how he does it! )

We spotted a stall with some lovely hand made boxes that the guy had made from recycled pieces and I couldn't resist having a nosey at them.
Of course we did the whole 'lets have a look around first, and then come back later'.
There were some lovely stalls with old sewing machines and brooches, and Lewis managed to find a stall with guns! 

But I did manage to wiggle my way back to that first stall,
and Lewis offered to buy me the box!

So we tottled back home with a great big box for me, and Lewis bought himself a guitar tab book for 10p.
I'm feeling a bit guilty now, so I'll have to buy him a present too next time.

... and can you guess what I'm using my lovely new box for?



Ooodles of felt!

Cat is pleased with the new box



  1. Your find looks perfect for your felt stash. And fun for your cute kitty too of course :)

  2. Great story and great bargain! Cat is right, the box looks quite good :)


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