Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pregnant In Dungarees

Whenever I dreamed of myself being a pregnant lady, I always imagined myself with my hair up in bunches, wearing a pair of blue, denim dungarees, pottering around being all happy and eating continuous bowls of cereal.
- not the most glamorous of dreams, but to me, perfection!
So, on my little to-do list of things to do/get whilst I'm pregnant, along with get an exercise ball and find my local swimming pool, is to buy a pair of dungarees!
And I've come so close!

A dungaree dress still counts right?
I am still on the hunt for a pair of trouser dungarees though. Any advice on where to go?
Etsy have a few good finds
£24.37 from Vaux Vintage
£32.49 from Groovy Girl Garb
£40.61 from Memory Vintage
I LOVE these!
But I think I'd rather be able to try them on before I buy, I'm not exactly sure what size I'll need with my ever growing bump!
...The hunt continues!
But the dungaree dress has come in handy now that the weather is/was getting warmer, and bump fits in snugly

Yep, that's scan number 2!
A little demonic looking... but still awesome to see what's wriggling around in there!
It really is starting to feel real now.
We're 20 weeks in as of yesterday and starting to feel some movement now.
We decided not to find out the sex in the end.
I love not knowing who's in there. It might sound weird, but not really knowing anything about the little human I'm growing makes everything all the more exciting!
I have no plans for it based on it's gender and all of my little wonders and hopes are completely neutral, and that, to me is so important.
I can't wait to meet my little bump!


  1. Fantastic Bex - looking good in those dungerees :-)

  2. Oh I didn't realise I missed dungarees till I read your post! I think they'd be so cool for pottering around in, but I don't have an excuse:) You look good in your dress and its lovely to see the scan pics. My eldest baby has been looking at universities for next year so I'm feeling more than a little nostalgic!
    Have a good week

    1. Pretend you're planning on doing some decorating and treat yourself to a pair! :D hehe.
      Arw wow, University time! I hope it all goes well!


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