Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hand-Me-Downs And Ice Cream

Something I've discovered more so through being pregnant than before, is a great appreciation of gifts and hand-me-downs!
I actually sat down and started to write a list of everything we'll need for our tiny, extra family member. I've only covered feeding and cleaning so far and already the list is huge!
And there's so many brands to choose from!
I've never done this before, and it's all getting a bit overwhelming
"which is the right one?"
But at least I'm being saved some of the big decision - thankfully!
My wonderful parents have saved so much from when me and my sister were babies and they have offered them for myself and Lewis to use for our little bump!
I am SO thankful!
We have a cot all sorted, needs a bit of a clean and possibly a re-paint, but this cot was my dad's when he was a baby and has travelled around all of the family babies, so it's definitely a hardy piece of workmanship!
We've also got a lovely pram that they had saved.
Isn't it adorable!
We might have to get a new buggy as well, but it's good to know that we have this if we can't afford the buggy straight away.
So many things to buy, and we're running out of months and pay cheques.
It's all whizzing along so quickly!
Before we know it, it'll be November and little bump will be on the way!
Before I get too carried away by the madness, it is still summer!
It's lovely and warm out there,
but I'm getting rather big now and nothing summery fits me any more.
(More shopping to be done!)
Without being too much of a grump though, there is one brilliant thing about this
summery weather....

Ice Cream!!

The ice cream van visits us at work now, and I've never been so overjoyed to hear that twinkly tune of childhood fun!
And best of all, this ice cream van sells my all time favourite ice cream/lolly
I love Zzapps!
Lewis went for the classic 99 flake

I think it's fair to say he rather enjoyed it too!
Mmm, the best thing about summer I'd have to say!
And everyone has their little favourite, be it an old classic or one of those rather
glamorous new ones you can get,
What's yours?
Enjoy the sunshine folks!


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    Aww, how cute is that pram! I love that you've had things in the family for so long, it makes everything that bit more special!

    Sophie x xx


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