Tuesday, 30 July 2013

24 Weeks With Bump!

I can't believe it's been so long!
24 weeks old today and little bump is getting bigger!
(Please excuse the workplace background!)
I don't know if this is the same for most pregnant ladies, but I feel like I've been pregnant forever. It's weird to think of myself without having someone else to constantly think and worry about, growing away inside my tummy!
The little wriggler has started properly poking away at my insides now too, which is a lovely feeling.
It kind of makes me feel like I haven't been making it up the whole time!
And the due date is creeping up now
19th November
I've started to see a few leaves on trees go golden already, and I even saw a ripe blackberry on my way to work today...
The inevitability of Autumn has never felt so scary!!
But with the terrifying thought that November is really only months away, comes a rather fun bit...
buying baby stuff!
Planning a little room, and little clothes, and little toys is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be!
Play time!
Cow print baby is a must have!

Mooching around some lovely websites, I've got a good idea of the kind of environment I would like to make for my little baby.
Bunting is a lovely idea. It brings colour into the room and if you get a gentle breeze through an open window, the gentle rustle and sway can add something exciting for baby to watch.
We bought this adorable mosses basket from Mothercare and it's just perfect. Bright colours, but not too vibrant. A sturdy basket, removable covers to wash and a great size. We love it!
I love paper pom poms! I think they're so much fun, but are light and easy to hang without adding weight. And they can come in any colour you like. So if you have a colour theme, want something very neutral or really want to go bright, I think they're just perfect!
Admittedly, not for teeny tiny babies, but when they get bigger and grab and play, these are such a great idea!
I saw this DIY tutorial for making your own drums over on
Such an inspiring page!
I'm definitely going to be having a go at making these for my little one,
and aren't they just gorgeous even as room decorations while baby is growing! 
Just a few ideas, but there's so much more!
I'll keep you posted with how our little baby space is coming along.
We've got another delivery of baby stuff coming today - it really is a bit like Xmas!
I hope you're all having a lovely week folks!



  1. Replies
    1. hehe, isn't it adorable! There are some super cute babygrows out there :)

  2. You look really well and happy- it's an amazing thing you are doing, growing that little person:) Love the babygro!

    1. Sometimes I forget how much of a big thing it is, but when you say that... it is kind of growing an entire human being and everything they will need to grow up and have their own little humans... that's a crazy thought.
      I love the babygro too :) I got it in a slightly bigger size so that when it's crawling around I can dress it up like a cow! teehee! Oh the embarrassing photos we will take!


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