Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Importance Of Me Time

Sometimes, when the world gets a little bit dizzy and so much is happening, it's important to spend a little time by yourself, just to watch the world go by.

We each have our own way, but for me, an early morning whilst the world is still asleep, a cup of tea in that mug that always makes tea taste awesome, a friend who won't talk, or question, but will be there with you, and time to appreciate the world and the little things, is exactly what I need.

'my' mug

a beautiful sunrise and a cool breeze 

life and all its wonderful complexity 

and who could be without Hamish!

It's so easy to get lost in this busy old world, but I can't recommend enough how good it feels, and how important it is just to spend that little bit of time with yourself.

Treat yourself to some 'me time' 
You'll love it! 


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  1. Yes, "me time" does feel good. I don't remember when was my last talk with myself... With children everything change. Enjoy whilst you can. :D
    I did it so many times in my first pregnancy and it does feel like the perfect time of the day. Have a lovely Sunday! xx


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