Monday, 5 March 2012

This Weekend...

Guess what I was up to this weekend?

hehe, a really pathetic attempt at making peppermint creams!
I know all of you wonderful bakers out there will laugh at my attempt, but I had so much fun, turning back into a child again, I don't think I'd notice anyone laughing in the background...

Oh and I have to show you all this photo!

This was left for me in my feedback section of my Etsy shop!
I am so so happy that my little felty turtle has found such a lovely home

I love to hear how my little creations are getting on in their new homes.
If you have any yourself, feel free to send them to me
I'd love to make a little mood board of what antics they're all up to now!


Peppermint cream anyone?



  1. Yes please! I would love a peppermnt cream! And the little felty turtle looks sooo happy in his new home!

  2. LOL! It doesn't matter what your peppermint creams look like, I'll bet they tasted great! And I love your little turtle, so pleased he found a nice new home :)

  3. Whatever they look like (quite nice I think), I bet they tasted yummy and the best thing is you look like you had loads of fun.
    Awwww on the turtle pic, too cute.


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